Wireless Design

Wireless networks are becoming an integral part of any corporate network. Mobility is having a major impact in enabling multiple services on the wireless LAN - it's not simply a way of freeing up your laptop users from a wired port, but a way to add guest access, WiFi voice, location tracking and integrating specific services such as wireless BioMedical equipment at hospitals or barcode scanning devices at retail stores and warehouses.

The wireless network design has to include a range of information to enable to design decisions to be made. Based on the requirements gathering we can design and specify your wireless network to fulfill your business needs.

IPTel are experts in the design of wireless systems including wide area, and can supply the required components. The company stands above its competitors in the supply of complex and highly resilient networks. With in-house capability covering the predictive RF surveys, through to onsite surveys, the team is able to bring a wealth of experience to your project.


Security And Authentication

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a AAA server, designed for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. These combined functions essentially define how the process of admitting users and devices to a network is undertaken.

ISE is however a cutting edge, sophisticated platform for this process. It can undertake profiling of clients to ensure they have up to date software, or meet the corporate requirements for connection. Often used with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) deployments - either wired or wireless - ISE provides the ability to on-board clients. You can provide your users with the access to sign up their own devices, after which they are admitted to the network, providing seamless access in future.

Cisco haven't cornered the market though, as Aruba also have a similar product in the Clearpass software solution.



Messaging and Alerting

IPTel Solutions have partered with Mobicall to provide a cutting edge messaging and alerting application.

Messaging platforms can be used for many purposes. Essentially Mobicall is an engine which can take many inputs and undertake many outputs.

Inputs might be an inbound email, a contact closing, an SNMP trap, a phone call, or many other inputs. The system can then process a set of rules and undertake an output.

For example, this might be an emergency door being opened and the system then pages the security guards, or a UPS running on battery, so an alert is sent to the IT staff. One use with very obvious ROI is the monitoring of clinical fridges - with very expensive drugs, the ability to monitor temperature - and escalate - is a major win for hospitals.



Virtualisation is becoming the gold standard for any sized business by offering products to meet individual customer needs. IPTel Solutions offer a full range of virtualisation solutions using the VMware vSphere platform. Virtualisation allows businesses to save on management complexity and energy costs by consolidating physical hardware.


Some additional benefits include:

Improved service availability and resiliency
Increased security and accounting
More versatile data backup and protection plans


Ekahau Wireless Design

Industry-leading Wi-Fi tools for businesses of any size, complexity and industry! IPTel is now an Ekahau Authorised Reseller Partner! Providing Tools for designing, optimising and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks. Ekahau has become an amazing tool in IPTel's tool belt and it is time to share!

Ekahau Connect is a suite of Wi-Fi tools that enable you and your team to design, optimise and troubleshoot any Wi-Fi network faster and easier than ever before. It allows seamless collaboration between IT personnel, who are charged with keeping Wi-Fi running smoothly, and the Wi-Fi expert, who is often overloaded with managing multiple projects and sites.

The Must-Have Tools For Your Wi-Fi Toolkit

Ekahau Pro Site Survey Tool
Ekahau Sidekick
Ekahau Survey for iPad
Ekahau Capture



Leading the charge on Cisco's Hyperlocation deployments across Australia, creating designs that provide sub 1m location accuracy to assist in information and emergency systems.

Cisco Hyperlocation delivers exceptional indoor location accuracy using your Cisco indoor Wi-Fi.

Three Cisco technologies-the next-generation Hyperlocation Aironet 4800 access point, Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) location engine, and CMX Location SDK-work together to enhance both accuracy and refresh rate for precision navigation, engagement, analytics and other location services.


What Cisco Hyperlocation Gives you

Precise location accuracy

Near real-time refresh 

More location updates


Wired Network

Have you had consultants and contractors deliver solutions that just didn't quite integrate into your network? We can change that.

We aim to deliver what you need, properly integrated into your network - and documented so that you can manage it.

Wired networks are the foundation of any business. IPTel Solutions offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs.


Typical network consultancy and contracting services we offer:

Network architecture

Research and development of new services and technology installations

Network Design

Fault finding network issues

IP address designs, VLAN designs.

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