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Mar 02

Aruba Technology That Makes You Feel Special

Aruba:Technology that makes you feel Special


Gold Coast, Australia: On Thursday 8th December Partha Narasimhan, CTO of Aruba, gave a keynote about the constant evolution of the intelligent wireless networks. His keynote included a thought provoking video that took a futuristic look at how hotels could embrace technology to make their hotel guests’ stay more enjoyable.


To the credit of Aruba, this wasn't a sales pitch for their products, but an exploration of what a range of interconnected products could do. An interesting glimpse into where a more connected world might take us.




The vision of the future is one in which the upwardly mobile hotel guest can stride through the hotel doors, and through the power of location awareness, be greeted (virtually) on their mobile phone that literally lights up the guest’s face.

The smartphone app greeting also includes a check-in confirmation without involving an actual check in counter. Surely that in itself is progress and at this point they had mine, and the rest of the audience's fullest attention.

The guest continues their journey up the room and unlocks the room door by waving their smart watch in front of the sensor. Clever stuff.

At this point the guest has not interacted once with any hotel staff. One may argue whether human interaction adds any value to a mundane process like a check in - it does after all give hotel staff the chance to offer superior service and help guests settle into the hotel with any special requests.

For the busy exec, at the end of a long day, just wanting to get to their room - this could be a godsend.

Ordering food just got a whole lot better with the use of the hotel app - no more calls to reception required - just order straight up on the app and have it delivered to your room.


Hotel WiFi: Location Services

Continuing our vision of the future, we witness how the hotel guest is informed via some intelligent means that their teammates are nearby and how they could locate them. The app guides the way and the meeting takes place effortlessly, with no effort on the users part to stop and think or ask for directions. The food order arrives after having been re-routed using some follow me technologies..



I would bet that every techie in the room had to suspend their disbelief after witnessing such a flawless execution of technology. Jokes aside, this technology exists and we will see gradual steps in this direction.

The success ultimately lies in the willingness of the end users to adopt such an approach in favour of traditional means. Perhaps this is inevitable since we live in an age where the smartphone is no longer perceived as a gadget, but rather, as an enabler that we already take for granted.


Hotel WiFi: How to beat the Competition

With ever decreasing mobile data tarrifs and pervasive free Wi-Fi hot spots, hotels can no longer be seen to offer value to their guests by being broadband providers. Guests like to be made to feel special and that should start the moment they walk through the door. A virtual concierge experience might just be the ticket to enhance that guest experience.

The key of course is a solid WiFi performance to support not only base services, but advanced ones, such as location services. See our earlier blog on The Problem with Hotel WiFi.


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