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Cisco WLC GUI Enhancements

The release of the new Cisco WLC code has brought some interesting developments to the Cisco WLC GUI.

If you’ve been tracking the development of the MSE (which historically didn’t have a GUI), you’ll know that Cisco have been adopting a new style of GUI. The MSE now offers the Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) for some advanced features.

It seems with the release of version code, Cisco have started to integrate the same sort of design into the new WLC dashboard.


In addition to the new GUI, you can now also enable profiling to provide useful insight into the traffic on the network. We’ll move on to take a look at the new GUI after this, but firstly, we just need to enable the profiling – this will enable the raw data that the new GUI is able to display.

To enable the profiling features:

  • WLAN Menu > WLANs > Select the WLAN in question
  • Click on the Advanced Tab
  • Enable the two new features as shown on the screen shot below

Enable DHCP and HTTP Profiling



New Home Button

To access the new dashboard, there’s now a new button at the top of the standard GUI page. Click the home button, as shown in the screen below (NOTE: in version, the default page after logging in to the WLC is the classic GUI; in version 8.1 onwards, this new dashboard is the first page you see after login and you have to click on Advanced to access the classic GUI):

Home button to access the new Dashboard


New Dashboard

The new dashboard is shown below. It contains an overview, including:

  • Network Summary
  • Access Points in usage overview
  • The OS used on clients
  • The clients and the network usage from each
  • The Applications in use on the clients

New Dashboard showing the Network Summary



AP Performance Dashboard

Under the Wireless Dashboard Menu is the AP Performance option. This provides a nice overview of where are hotpots of usage are, over utilisation on the channels or interference.

Wireless Dashboard – AP Performance



Best Practices

There’s an interesting new addition to the GUI, which is the Best Practices dashboard – this provides a simple way to see if you’ve configured your WLC according to Cisco’s best practice. There’s too many to show in one screen shot, but an overview is shown below.

Best Practices Dashboard



Overall, these new features provide a much more user friendly interface to do some basic monitoring and checks of the WLC especially for those that don't have Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

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