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Jun 06

We Have Updated Our Website!

Welcome to our new website! We have finally moved over to this beautiful new site and look forward to interacting with our readers more! 

We will be slowly moving our old blogs over as well as bringing you new exciting content! To find out when we post new blogs follow us over on our LinkedIn page! We will be posting new content every week and are striving to solidify our position of the most knowledgeable in the market. 

IPTel Solutions have been trading since 2006, providing our customers with high end consultancy services since. We are first and foremost about delivering a quality engineering product to our customers. We pride ourselves on our tagline of Network Engineering Excellence and this tagline really does describe what we strive for each and every day. We hope that the content we produce and post on our blog exemplifies why we are top of the class and how we constantly produce the best services. 


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