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Mar 04

WiFi Travels in Canada

  In December 2015, I was travelling to Canada and along the way took note of the WiFi installations.

Enroute to Vancouver, I passed through LAX. It was interesting to see that they are only just deploying BYOD WiFi in the arrivals area now – there were a bunch of posters up advertising the fact. It was kind of interesting for such a massive international hub to not have free WiFi up until now.


It was Cisco, which in fact was a bit of a theme of my travels. The density was about the same as we normally use for high density WiFi – in this case maybe more to deal with the large number of people and devices connecting at any one time.

Most of the US airports had free WiFi of some sort, although all a little different, be it, a simple tick box to access, or providing an email address.



On a side note, the worst airport WiFi I experienced was in the home of the tech industry at San Francisco airport - completely unusable while I was sat at the gate waiting for my flight. I couldn't see which manufacturer the APs were, but this is more of a case of insufficient number of APs. We can help you San Francisco airport if you want to bring it up to spec!

After arriving in Vancouver, and passing through their beautiful airport (they have done a brilliant job in making it such a calm place, while making it easy to transit through - top marks), we travelled around Vancouver a little.

Around the Vancouver area there were so many Cisco APs deployed – targeted in many coffee shops, hotels and public spaces, I think there’s been a push to provide paid for WiFi and its certainly seen a wide deployment of Cisco APs.

The quality on the whole was great – however, linking in with one of my other blogs, BYOD in airports and hotels remained average at best. A number of the hotels and airports, although having free WiFi, just proved unusable. They have just not deployed the density or suitable locations for many of the APs I saw – a real shame as when you have a few hours to kill in an airport, being able to access the net really makes a difference.

As with some of the themes of my other blogs, the AP density and proper RF design is vital in achieving consistent and equitable WiFi coverage.


Couple of final photos.. I do like aviation, so was intrigued by the winglet on the right - never seen one with the downward part of the winglet. I can only imagine the amount of wind tunnel testing to try and reduce the vortex from the wing to produce this new design.  
I couldn't resist taking the photo of the two Qantas 747's together - not sure how often they park a couple of these majestic aircraft in such close proximity, but it was quite a beautiful sight.

Shame the weather in San Francisco wasn't a bit nicer on the day!

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