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Mar 02

Capture Cisco 7925

Capture Cisco 7925 Screen Shots



Have you ever needed to capture a screen shot from a Cisco 7925 handset? If you're producing documentation, a screen shot goes a long way to helping illustrate the point you're trying to make and brighten up your documentation.

Maybe you need to grab a screen shot for a TAC case, or to help with some fault finding.

We were grappling with just such a problem and thinking there must be a better way than grabbing a photo of the phone. The Cisco 7925 doesn't have a screen grab key sequence, unlike an Apple or Android device, but there is a way.


The Cisco 7925 actually has a built in web browser, which you can use to configure the phone and check its settings and performance. If you know the right URL, you can also grab some useful screen shots.

On the right is an example of a screen grab we pulled from a demo phone in our office. The image is nice and sharp, having been taken directly from the phone. You can grab the IP Address of the phone from the settings menu (which is that little toolbox in the screen shot) and from there use it in the URL below.

Access the phone from this URL: http://<ip_of_phone>/CGI/Screenshot


You'll need to login - for reference, the default password is admin / admin.


Its a Wrap..

So, there you have it - simple to grab neat looking screen shots for all your future documentation.


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