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Feb 01

Cisco DNA - Free WLC Offer

Cisco DNA - Free Cisco WLC Offer

For a limited time, Cisco have an offer available for customers looking to upgrade older WLAN hardware. The simple idea is that with a refresh, customers are able to get a free wireless controller, so long as enough licences are bought as part of the package. Separate offers exist for discounts on APs too.

Free Cisco 5520 WLC

This is a good deal - for Cisco 5508 customers, the 5520 WLAN Controller (WLC) is available FOR FREE as a special offer. If you spend $150k on DNA Advantage, or DNA Premier licences, you can get a free 5520 WLC.



Free Cisco 8540 WLC

A similar offer is available for customers with the 8510 WLC to be able to upgrade to the newer 8540 controller, also FOR FREE! For the free 8540 WLC, you need to spend $300k of licences to get the free controller.

(Note that the dollar amounts we've listed on this page are USD, pricing is buy price and the discount offers may end at any time - confirm before purchase). Both offers are contingent on a level of spend, if interested please contact IPTel sales for more information, at

Show me the Money!

The table below gives a run down on the savings to be had, with a sample BOM for a 255 AP installation:



Cisco Access Point Discount Offer

There’s also a discount available for customers looking to buy Cisco 2800/3800/4800 series access points. If the new DNA Premier or Advantage licences are purchased with these APs, discounts are available on the price of the APs.



Can we help?

We're here to help with all your Wireless LAN works here at IPTel. Drop us a line at with your requirements and we'll give you a call to run through the scope.

Note: All prices are listed in USD. Offers are set to expire on January 26th, extensions may occur.

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