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Mar 01

Cisco Project Delivery Excellence Winner 2018

Cisco Partner Awards 2018

It's a wrap! The Cisco Partner awards and Cisco Live are complete for another year.

Project Delivery Excellence: Cisco Partner of the Year

It's a huge honour and privilege this year that IPTel Solutions have won the Project Delivery Excellence award. This is in recognition of the way in which IPTel addresses projects and how we like to work with our customers - as a true trusted advisor.

Congratulations to our fellow winners, Data #3 and Ingram Micro, who were also recognised for their exceptional innovation and delivery throughout the year.

The photo below, shows the moment we were announced, with Michael Reid at the microphone:



IPTel Solutions - Project Delivery Excellence Award Winners

The project was centred around works for the University of Queensland, where IPTel has delivered a range of services in the WiFi space from installing many hundreds of access points, though to delivery of wireless standards, designs and new controllers.

Our team put in a fantastic effort, and worked closely with UQ and Cisco to complete works within a condensed timeframe.

Recognition from Cisco is a great way for IPTel to be recognised by a leading manufacturer, and for this we are very proud.

We're in good company with the award too - the full list is availalable from this link :

Cisco Partner Awards Winners - 2018

Project Delivery Excellence: Award

So, what does the award look like? Photo below - basking in the early morning Melbourne sun!

Project Delivery Excellence Award - IPTel Solutions

A big thank-you to our dedicated and enthusiastic team at IPTel, the success of the project was entirely due to their amazing efforts. Everyone involved worked hard to achieve the goal, and were willing to do whatever was needed to everything done on time. Special thanks to Ivan and Terry, whose efforts were crucial to the success of the project.

Special mention to the guys on the ground, doing the hard work of installing well over a thousand access points:

Ivan Poznik - leading the onsite team of installation engineers:

Ben Vieritz, Harry Brown, Denis Krajinic, Reef Stevens, Matthew Willeston

On the back end, the guys did a lot of work on detailed designs, controller installs, AP configuration and large scale external surveys:

Terry May

Arthur Bradbury

Marcus Beetham

And for managing the project, thanks go to Milka Despic. Great team work from the team to achieve an outstanding result.

We are excited to work with Cisco and UQ more in the future. Congratulations once again to our fellow Queensland Cisco Partners, Data #3 and Ingram Micro, for your fantastic work this past year!

Project Delivery Excellence: How can we Help?

If you're interested in IPTel working on a project for you, drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you -


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