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Mar 04

Cisco Enhanced PoE: Cisco 2702 and 3702 APs and the number of AP Antennas

The new Cisco APs need more PoE power - check if all your antennas are operational

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Mar 02

Cisco Enhanced POE

In buying the 2700's and the 3700's by Cisco, you're into the world of the 4x4 antenna AP. This AP can transmit and receive on all its antennas at once - meaning you can have multiple streams to provide that high throughput, as well as improved signal coverage over earlier models. However, there's a major gotcha we found when first using these APs that's worth knowing about. The AP will power up with normal POE, but that last antenna has bumped up the power draw on the AP - now it's up at just a little over 16W, more than the 15.4W supplied by normal POE.

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