IPTel Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1.	Caveats: 
 	Any change in the scope after project commencement will be subject to variation
 	Inaccuracy in supplied data by the Customer may result in re-work being required and a variation being generated
 	IPTel Solutions will only be responsible for the management of their own staff and not the staff of any other sub-contractors
 	Format of all documentation to be agreed at commencement of project – documentation updates once works commence will require a variation.  This includes use of customer supplied document templates
 	IPTel reserves the right to request a variation for attendance at regular project meetings where project management has not been expressly scoped in this proposal
 	Unless otherwise stated in this SOW, the following apply to detailed designs:
o	IPTel will hold an initial Design workshop to discuss and agree on the recommended approach for any detailed designs via WebEx
o	Included are two rounds of review to incorporate comments in line with the chosen solution
o	Customers should collate feedback, so it can be integrated and tracked in the most efficient manner
o	The two rounds of review feedback should be supplied as a marked-up document (PDF or Word), or a tracked Excel sheet to detail the required updates
o	Review responses should be collated and sent through to IPTel within three business days of the request, in order not to incur any additional costs for the slippage of the end date of the project
o	IPTel reserves the right to request a variation for any changes requested after the initial workshop which we determine will result in significant rework of the agreed solution
2.	Assumptions:
 	Our team will have full and unfettered access to all scoped parts of the site, including comms rooms and racks as required:
o	Keys and swipe passes will be issued to team members as required
o	Multiple team members may be onsite at one time, requiring multiple swipe cards
o	Any restriction in access may delay the Services and require a variation
 	Only rubbish from equipment installed by IPTel Solutions will be disposed of by IPTel Solutions: 
o	Where there are no suitable bins onsite, IPTel may arrange for an external waste company to collect the rubbish and will pass this expense along at cost, raised as a project variation
o	IPTel will request from the client access to suitable bins to dispose of the rubbish prior to offering an external company for rubbish collection
 	The Customer will manage the removal/disposal of old equipment
 	Any hardware equipment will be delivered to site in good and reasonable time prior to deployment
 	Once the customer has confirmed site access times and dates, it is incumbent on the customer to confirm any equipment not installed by IPTel and required for the works will be onsite in time:
o	Failure to do so may result in engineers being required to leave site and return at a later date
 	Documentation will be built to the standard templates used by IPTel, unless otherwise specified by the client once the PO is received and works commence. 
o	All documentation (especially the Wi-Fi Mark-up) is only supplied in PDF format, unless explicitly stated otherwise
 	It is assumed that the customer has the necessary Subject Matter Experts (SME) available to work with IPTel to:
o	Work with IPTel to define any pre-requisites for integration of the solution 
o	Where delays are encountered due to resource unavailability or integration pre-requisites are not able to be met, IPTel reserves the right to request a variation to cover additional effort involved to support the customer to a resolution
 	Where a suitable SME is not available, this should be advised. IPTel will allocate additional time in the scope to work more closely with the customer during the project, but this time must be scoped at the outset, or scoped by a variation once the project has commenced
 	Any BOM quoted prior to the completion of a detailed design should be considered as draft:
o	IPTel reserve the right to update the BOM once the design is complete, including providing new and updated equipment quotes once the design is complete. 
o	IPTel are not liable for any gaps in quoted equipment prior to the completion of a detailed design
 	Any inductions required for site access are scoped as a maximum of two-hour duration. Where inductions are longer than this, a variation may be raised to cover the time allowance for staff to complete the induction
 	Where required for site work (including sensitive areas), a chaperone may be supplied by the client to escort IPTel personnel. The supply of the chaperone shall not be at the cost of IPTel and shall be supplied within suitable timeframes, so as not to affect the standard operation of staff onsite
 	Unless otherwise detailed in this scope, all works are assumed to be conducted within normal business hours, including change controls. Where time is required out of hours, this will be raised as a variation, if not included in the original scope 
3.	Exclusions:
 	Transport of equipment to site excluded. IPTel Solutions will receive equipment at site loading dock and transport to relevant comms rooms for install
 	Services that are peripheral to the main operational environment (email, telephony, video, building security/management, etc.)
 	Provision of any electrical or data cabling for any works, unless these have been specifically quoted as in scope
 	No works are included apart from those specifically listed in this SOW. This includes, but not limited to updating any existing documentation or other artefacts.
 	Unless otherwise quoted, all patch leads, caged nuts and other such supplies are not included in the scope
 	Management of TAC Cases, unless explicitly included in scope