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Industry-leading Wi-Fi tools for businesses of any size, complexity and industry!

IPTel is now an Ekahau Authorised Reseller Partner! Providing Tools for designing, optimising and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks. Ekahau has become an amazing tool in IPTel’s tool belt and it is time to share!

Ekahau Connect is a suite of Wi-Fi tools that enable you and your team to design, optimise and troubleshoot any Wi-Fi network faster and easier than ever before. It allows seamless collaboration between IT personnel, who are charged with keeping Wi-Fi running smoothly, and the Wi-Fi expert, who is often overloaded with managing multiple projects and sites.

The Must-Have Tools For Your Wi-Fi Toolkit

  • Ekahau Pro Site Survey Tool
  • Ekahau Sidekick
  • Ekahau Survey for iPad
  • Ekahau Capture

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