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IPTel Solutions are experts in designing and implementing reliable wireless networks to match any requirements. Whether you need a small data network or enterprise scale voice and location capable network, our experience in network design will provide you with the optimum network for your needs. IPTel have designed hundreds of Wi-Fi Solutions across Brisbane and Australiasia.


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IPTel provides a range of Solutions from Wired and Wireless Networks to Security and Authentication to Real Time Location Services. Check out our Solutions and find what you're looking for!

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Combining the best product available on the market with the best customer service in the market.

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Creating the best products for our customers,
customising every part of your network to ensure it works for you
and providing unparalleled documentation.

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Winning Cisco's Project Delivery Excellence: Cisco Partner of the Year award
was an achievement for IPTel, but truly shows how IPTel excels
at servicing our amazing customers.


Professional, Readable and Captivating Documentation.

IPTel prides itself on quality solutions, products and documentation. Providing best in class products and service is amazing, but useless without the correct documentation. IPTel provides understandable documentation you know what you have paid for and what we have done.

“IPTel carried out a predictive Wi-Fi survey for the new Forensic Medicine and Coroner's Court Complex in NSW. The IPTel team worked collaboratively with the project stakeholders in completing the survey and delivered a high quality document for the project team to utilise. ”

Pic Matthew Rayment, APP Corporation

People    IPTel

  • Your company's ability to execute high quality, complex projects, rapidly, especially in the field of wireless networks, is world class!

    Michael Reid
  • I'm very satisfied with the work carried out by IPTels architect on the design and implementation of Cisco ISE. IPTel conducted themselves very professionally and had a great wealth of knowledge which provided a seamless and trouble free implementation.

    Arthur Thodis
  • IPTel carried out a predictive Wi-Fi survey for the new Forensic Medicine and Coroner's Court Complex in NSW. The IPTel team worked collaboratively with the project stakeholders in completing the survey and delivered a high quality document for the project team to utilise.

    Matthew Rayment
    APP Corporation

Specialised Industries

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare is currently experiencing many technological advances with an emphasis on mobility. Major hospitals now regard wireless networks as a prerequisite for their operation. IPTel Solutions have installed WLANs to clinical grade in many sites and have the understanding and experience to design to the highest requirements.

  • Education

    The education sector is embracing wireless technology which is improving students learning abilities by enabling a dynamic educational environment. A well designed wireless architecture enhances collaborative training and enables new educational models that were never possible in the past.

  • Enterprise

    Enterprise networks have classically consisted of a relatively low number of access points which were able to support small hotspot areas, such as meeting or board rooms. These networks have typically not been capable of supporting the modern mobility required of workers.

  • Warehousing

    Warehouses can offer a challenging environment for WLANs due to the high density areas and shelving obstructions, not to mention the potentially huge cost implications should excessive downtime occur. We have worked from relatively small warehouses up to very large warehouses in excess of 40,000m2.


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City Sized Deployments

IPTel excels in creating amazing large scale deployments. Its deployment for University of Queensland's St Lucia Campus earned IPTel the Project Delivery Excellence Award from Cisco.


Location Tracking Wi-Fi

IPTel created a design concept using underfloor WAPs and BLE beacons to enable client tracking to the seat within a stadium with the intention of ordering and delivery food to your seat.


Greenfield and Brownfield

Multiple customers rely on IPTels experience in warehouse design for their day to day use of barcode scanners and phones. IPTel focusses on creating the perfect network.


Lead in Australia

Leading the charge on Cisco's Hyperlocation deployments across Australia, creating designs that provide sub 1m location accuracy to assist in information and emergency systems.


Largest and Most Complex

IPTel has created designs for the largest and most complex hospitals in Australia, providing the best quality documentation on the market. Customising for every customer.


Viable and Working Solutions

Providing Wi-Fi for the trucks driving within a mine was a feat that no other company could complete other than IPTel. Designing a voice coverage network within the mine.

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Focussing on creating personalised networks
for our customers, IPTel acts as a
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