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Warehouses need good Wi-Fi. Increasingly warehouses must have the best quality in Wi-Fi – there’s a range of devices that are in use from Wi-Fi phones, stock pick applications, bar code scanners and location tracking technologies.

Modern Warehouses need Networking

Networks in warehouses have to be robust. Industrial switching and wireless ensure that warehouses can offer the highest uptimes, with equipment specially designed for the environment to offer longevity and reliability.

Stock Picking

Warehouses are all about stock picking. This might be on foot for small warehouses, forklifts for most warehouses and stock picking robots for the most modern warehouses.

Whether just a member of staff walking around with a bar code scanner (some of which are wearable), through to a forklift mounted scanner and stock pick device (often worn with an earpiece), or a fully automated warehouse, there is one technology that must work: the Wi-Fi.

Wireless LAN is vital to stock pick operations and Wi-Fi that drops out will stop staff in their tracks while they are trying to hit their stock pick KPIs. 

Reliable Wi-Fi is an absolute requirement for stock pick.

Mobile Bar Code Scanners are common in Warehouses
Staff often require mobile network access in the warehouse environment

Industrial Networking 

Some warehouses are hot and dusty, while others are extremely clean (clinical warehouses for example).

At the industrial end of the spectrum, networking equipment has to be fit for purpose.

Industrial (or IoT) networking means that we use hardened equipment, which will be robust and reliable in the environment it’s deployed: this could mean fan less switches, high temperature rated equipment, or specialised networking equipment for the specific warehouse.

Industrial networking means that the deployed network will last and the warehouse will not be brought to a sudden grinding halt by a network failure.

IoT equipment helps ensure the warehouse meets it’s core function of moving stock.

Network Reliability

Along with functionality (meeting the requirements it was designed for), the second highest requirement on a warehouse network is for reliability.

Many warehouses operate on extended hours – this could leave a small window each day where network upgrades can take place.

The network must remain operational for the business hours and be reliable. Warehouse network equipment is typically deployed around the warehouse, so is not always easy to reach. Good warehouse design includes proper positioning of network racks and equipment and built in resilience.

Stock check and pick applications are typically mobile

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