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Switch and Patch Cords
LAN Switching is the foundation of your network

LAN Switching is the Network Foundation

The wired network is the foundation of any network and needs to offer resilience, ease of management and high up times.

A network that you can rely on is no accident – it is delivered with a well thought out design.

Typical network consultancy and contracting services we offer:

  • Network architecture
  • Research and development of new services and technology installations
  • Network design
  • Fault finding network issues
  • IP address designs, VRF, VLAN designs

LAN Design and Deployment

No network should ever just be deployed without a design. The process for large installations commences with some sessions to gather the requirements – without asking what the network will be used for, it won’t be designed to meet those needs.

We offer two levels of design, for customers who want a full detailed design, or the more budget conscious diagram only option:
  • Diagram Only: Provides for Logical and Physical deployment diagrams
  • Full Detailed Design: Detailed diagrams and word document detailing the design and all the design decisions

Options exist for O&M manuals, handover procedures and training and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Switch and Patch Cords

Software Defined Networking

Increasingly customers are looking to the future and this belongs to Software Defined Networking, or to use an alternate term Software Defined Access (SD Access).

SD Access is all about an automated approach to network deployment. The networking world is slowly moving away from CLI based configuration to configure, build and manage networks via element managers, such as Cisco’s DNA Center. 

To deliver an optimal SD Access experience, the equipment should be SDA compatible and the use of an element manager such as DNA Center is a requirement. 

The payoff for customers is the ability to build the underlay dynamically and apply overlay profiles quickly to define network services – QoS is a great example, as are the concepts of Scalable and Security Group Tags.

How can we help with your LAN Installation

We offer a level of documentation rarely seen in the ICT industry, so from your first contact you will be in safe hands. The level of documentation we provide is only the starting point and this level of attention to detail flows through every aspect of the delivery.

The LAN design will provide detailed designs of the proposed network, followed by change controls and deployment. We are well versed in operating in mission critical sites and understand the need to reduce outages and have rollback plans.

We have built entire hospital LANs to deliver the highest in up times and security. While not all networks need to be engineered to this level, we offer the experience to provide the right LAN for your environment.

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