MAC Address Converter

A useful tool to convert MAC address formats

MAC Address Converter Tool

Ever needed to convert a multitude of different style MAC addresses to the format required for upload to Prime (which is in the format aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff ) ?

Maybe you just take a bunch of MAC addresses and format them in the same way? This tool is here to help!

Note: The outset that Prime is less picky than it used to be when uploading CSVs with MAC addresses – so worth trying first if you are running a fairly recent version. If you get issues, run the MAC addresses through this tool and re-paste into your CSV.


The base entry screen is shown below – enter your MAC addresses and click the convert button. You can copy and paste into the tool if you want to convert a bunch of entries at once.

  • Paste your list of list addresses in the box below
  • You can paste in multiple MAC Addresses in the box below
  • The converter takes a number of different entry types, so can paste in a mix
  • The output will be ready for use in Prime

Paste your list of MAC addresses in the box below:



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