Network Managed Services

Network Management

Looking for a Network Managed Service?

Not all MSPs are built the same, especially in the complex space of Networking. At IPTel we have 20 years’ experience and are highly regarded for our Engineering excellence in all things Networking. Our Managed Services is all about providing high quality service to our customers

Network Managed Service

An IT Network lays the foundation for a business and its ability to communicate and operate. Our mission is to provide all businesses with a Secure, reliable and high performing network that they can rely on. Our friendly support team will insights to help you build for the future as well as supporting you int he now. Our team are here for you 24×7 and 365 with offsite and on-suite support options avaialble. 

Benefits of an Network Managed Service Provider

IPTel Solutions becomes your Networking department, absorbing the responsibility of keeping your business connected and secure. As a leading managed service provider with Cisco Gold Provider status, we’re committed to providing you with an agile, smart and cost-efficient service that lets you focus on the bigger picture of growing your business.

The tech world doesn’t slow down for anyone. It’s a rigorous process of making sure you don’t stagnate and continue to invest in your network, and most companies simply don’t keep up. Our expert team will make sure you never get left behind, keeping your Network secure and taking your business to the next level

Below are some of the benefits our Network Managed Service provides. Remember some MSP’s may say they look after your network but in our experience the network is more complex that the rest and without it no other devices or platforms can communicate

Cyber Security

75% of SMBs could not continue operating if they were hit with ransomware! We are here to ensure that never happens. Our goal is to protect your network to avoid you having to deal with a security incident. 

Flexible Budget Consistency

You will know what your support costs will be each month! You are able to plan accordingly and know the level of support and investment will not fluctuate. Depending on your support levels YOU DECIDE if you want to increase and pay more or less each month

Network Management

Allow the experts to monitor and manage your network through out state of the art NOC team. Our experienced engineers and friendly service desk team are here to support you and take away the headache of managing a network

Customer Support

A dedicated Customer portal will be built for you to engage with our NOC. You will recieve a dedicated Service Manager Expert (SME) and Service Delivery Manager (SDM) to support you and your network. Monthly meetings and weekly reporting provide you a full support package

Take Your Network To The Next Level!

Why IPTel Solutions?

Tiered Packages Available

We have a gold, silver and bronze option available to provide customers variety in the support packages available Level of service, included support hours and of 24×7 support is required will affect your choise

Monthly Support Hours

Small network or large and busy network? Select how many support hours you require each month dependent on your environment. This is flexible and can be increased/decreased with no lock in contract. 

Monthly Rollover - Value Add

Not using all your support hours? Don’t worry as they are no lost. Sign up for 3 years of MSP support and you can carry over 6 months work of hours. Thats right! All those hours can be used for Wi-Fi surveys, Design and consultation or any other network project you need assistance with

Experts in Networking and Wi-Fi

Widely regarded as the experts in networking and Wi-Fi. Our thriving Professional Services business has allowed to offer grow and develop our Managed Services business to provide our engineering excellence through ongoing support

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