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Enterprise Networks

Enterprise networks offer reliable networking services to business. These days an enterprise network is a sophisticated deployment of multiple technologies.

Enterprise Requirements

Enterprise networking customers need a network to support their business. Key requirements are flexibility, resilience, cost effectiveness and manageability. Wi-Fi is a big component of the enterprise network with reliable wireless is now critically important – coupled with identify services and BYOD / Guest access to allow for staff to bring their own devices and work from different office locations.


Manageability of an Enterprise network means the network is understood and quick to diagnose any issues. A good management system, such as Cisco DNA Center allows for pre-emptive fault finding to show issues which are starting to occur, but have not yet caused a problem.

Once an issue does occur, how quickly can your ICT staff resolve the issue – alarm overload is a real issue when major problems occur, so having a health score to show you how the network is working and how major an issue really is helps to determine what actions should be taken.

The management station should be capable of reporting and sending automatic and dynamic alerts. Graphical reporting, especially for Wi-Fi makes sense of a complex network and helps quickly resolve complex issues.

Office environments are dynamic with many mobile devices
Enterprise networks need to deliver on business requirements


Enterprise networks need flexibility. They need to support staff who are permanently based in the office, those who telework and those who work exclusively on mobile devices.

Identity Management and control are key – Cisco ISE and Aruba Clearpass are the engines of choice to provide centralised control and authentication to your networking assets. This allows staff to work how they want to and connect wherever they are located.

BYOD / Guest Access

Wi-Fi is the key largest growing service in the Enterprise space. The days of a Wi-Fi network that continually drops out and is slow are gone.

Wi-Fi can very reliable and coupled with the use of BYOD / Guest access allows for staff and visitors alike to connect and enjoy a quality wireless experience. 

The board room is often the location with the highest density of devices and ensuring the Wi-Fi works just when the business needs it, is critical. 

Sensors are also used these days to dynamically monitor the WLAN (and LAN) experience, to an active management sensor ensures that there are no sudden unknown network issues.

Ad hoc meetings, quiet spaces and hot desking: Wi-Fi is critical

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