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Healthcare is currently experiencing many technological advances with an emphasis on mobility. Major hospitals now regard wireless networks as a prerequisite for their operation. IPTel Solutions have installed WLANs to clinical grade in many sites and have the understanding and experience to design to the highest requirements.

The support provided for clinical Integrated Electronic Medical Records (iEMR) and biomedical devices are currently areas of high interest. Patient monitors, EEG machines, infusion pumps and X-Ray machines all use wireless technology and are portable, requiring the wireless network to be built to the correct specification.

Newer services, such as the ability to track the location of devices or provide wayfinding information to staff and patients, enhance the business case for clinical WiFi. Messaging is used extensively in hospitals, so the ability to provide users with a phone, soft client for their mobile phone, or a staff tag on which to receive messages can prove to be invaluable.


Warehouses can offer a challenging environment for WLANs due to the high density areas and shelving obstructions, not to mention the potentially huge cost implications should excessive downtime occur.

Wireless barcode scanners allow staff to perform their jobs while remaining mobile, while machinery and forklift operators may receive job instructions or corporate alerts wirelessly without needing to put down their tools.

An incorrectly setup warehouse configuration can lead to devices dropping out from the network, decreased productivity and expensive downtime for the site. IPTel can engineer a robust WiFi network to support warehouse operation without interruption.

We have worked from relatively small warehouses up to very large warehouses in excess of 40,000m2. We are able to RF plan the access point locations, and work with you onsite to fix up any issues encountered, including fault finding end user devices.

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