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Why IPTel are different


IPTel Solutions have been trading since 2006, providing our customers with high end consultancy services since. The company specialises in Enterprise grade networking, deploying solutions from our partners Cisco, Meraki and Aruba. Expanding from its base of networking in clinical sites, IPTel has greatly expanded across a number of verticals and networking technologies. We are best known for being industry experts in the deployment and delivery of Wi-Fi Solutions, but work extensively in the design and deployment of LAN, AAA solutions (such as Cisco ISE) and other networking solutions, such as Location Tracking Systems and biomedical integrations.


IPTel Solutions are first and foremost about delivering a quality engineering product to our customers. Ask us for customer referrals and talk to some of our customers about how we integrate quality in to every aspect of our delivery – from the best in class documentation with clear diagrams and clearly written documentation, to using tried and tested process and procedures to ensure we deliver a consistent result for you – our customer.


The Culture at IPTel is to deliver the right result, first time – for you, our customer. We pride ourselves on our tagline of Network Engineering Excellence and this tag line really does describe what we strive for each and every day. We aim to provide you with documentation better than you’ve ever seen before.


We aim to use our position in the market and our skills to consistently create results that allow us to deliver network designs that work. Being a small privately owned company, we are able to act quickly, efficiently and accurately while maintaining consistency. We work across many critical, large scale and high profile installations and use our process and procedure to make sure we deliver the results in a carefully managed process.

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People love IPTel

IPTel have shown that they are an organisation that stands above others in regard to their discipline and attention to detail around network design and related activities.

We have relied on the expertise of Mark and his team on a number of occasions over the year long engagement, and they have frequently exceeded our expectations.

I have found IPTel to be particularly proactive in pursuing positive outcomes and checking on progress during breaks in engagement.

– heathAlliance

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