Wireless Design and Implementation

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Wireless Design and Implmentation

Wireless networks are becoming an integral part of any corporate network.

Mobility is having a major impact in enabling multiple services on the wireless LAN – it’s not simply a way of freeing up your laptop users from a wired port, but a way to add guest access, Wi-Fi voice, location tracking and integrating specific services such as wireless BioMedical equipment at hospitals or barcode scanning devices at retail stores and warehouses.

The wireless network design has to include a range of information to enable to design decisions to be made. Based on the requirements gathering we can design and specify your wireless network to fulfill your business needs.

IPTel are experts in the design of wireless systems including wide area, and can supply the required components. The company stands above its competitors in the supply of complex and highly resilient networks. With in-house capability covering the predictive RF surveys, through to onsite surveys, the team is able to bring a wealth of experience to your project.

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