Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

Our specialist solutions

Wi-Fi Predictive Surveys
Wireless LAN Design: Let the experts design your network

Wireless networks are becoming an integral part of any corporate network.

IPTel are experts in the design of Wi-Fi installations.

Every good Wi-Fi install starts with an RF design, so it’s no surprise that we offer a range of RF surveys – from design, post install confirmation and specialist fault finding surveys:

  • Wi-Fi Predictive Design: Desktop RF survey – provides an initial design for the install
  • Wi-Fi Pre-deployment Survey: Onsite test of the design, with battery powered Access Points
  • Wi-Fi Deployment Validation Survey: Once the install is complete and the Access Points operational, this is the final check and tune survey

 At IPTel, we undertake the RF surveys, the end-end network design and installation. 

Few companies can offer the breadth of experience in wireless – if you’re looking to get a new Wi-Fi install, we build Wi-Fi that Works!

Wireless Fault Finding

There are times we remediate installations for customers which are not working as well as they could and for these we have a fault finding survey:

  • Wi-Fi Diagnostic Survey: We analyse all the multiple metrics that deliver a good Wi-Fi service and provide recommendations on root causes and issues found. Fault finding RF surveys are used as part of an overall strategy to fix poor performing Wi-Fi
No wireless network is going to work very well if it’s not configured correctly, or the RF tuned properly. We have well defined methodologies to fault find and fix networks that are not delivering.
Consider our Wi-Fi Assurance Review – a unique service that IPTel offers to  pinpoint all the changes you should make to fix your network – explained in plain English, so you share in the knowledge of what makes your Wi-Fi work.
Don’t mix the cheapest Wi-Fi solution up with the most cost effective. It can be costly to fault find and redesign a Wi-Fi network, so why not take the pain out of the experience and trust the experts.
Wi-Fi Markup
Wi-Fi Markup Maps: Easy tracking of your install and cabling

The IPTel Difference

There’s a lot we do differently when it comes to Wireless design and install. 

An ICT Partner that Cares

Firstly, if you’re looking for a partner, not just an ICT integrator, we’re your choice. Wireless is an ever changing technology, often complex to design and fault find.

We can help you avoid hours, days and weeks of wasted time, fault finding a network when we build your network that works in the first place.

Wi-Fi built to offer Business Outcomes

Technical understanding is one thing, but ensuring your investment meets your business needs is never far from our minds either – which is why we ask you questions about how you want to use the network prior to starting the design.

Experience that Counts

Finally, we offer the experience gained in over a decade of wireless installs. This can be our processes, procedures and checklists. The collateral we produce is the best in the business, with unique offerings such as our Wi-Fi Markups.

Wi-Fi that Works!

Wi-Fi that works is not just a tagline for us – it’s a statement of fact.