Managed Services

Managed Services

Cisco Powered Managed Services

Managed Services are all about one simple concept: giving you peace of mind.
At IPTel Solutions, we are an approved Cisco Powered Managed Services provider, which means that we have been audited to demonstrate we meet all the criteria to deliver managed services specifically for Cisco and Meraki networks.
At IPTel, we have become well known for delivering the highest quality outcomes for our customers, becoming a trusted partner.

Our Managed Services offering takes the best of how we deliver and offers it to you as a monthly packaged service.

Cisco Powered: A Brand you Can Trust

  • Cisco Powered means simply that you don’t have to worry about the technical delivery of the service – we have been independently audited and meet all the requirements laid down by Cisco to offer a managed service offering for Cisco and Meraki Customers.

We have a range of Cisco approved managed services, so can ensure we have the right services to meet your business needs. The following links provide more information on each service type:

Why buy Managed Services from IPTel?

There is a lot of choice for customers in the managed services arena. Customers buy from us because they know and trust what we do. We are well known for our expertise in Wi-Fi, as well as a range of other complex technologies, so we aim to bring the best of what we do to your business.

Our managed service has a range of inclusions such as:

  • Licence Management: Active management of your licences to ensure compliance and no interruption to service
  • Customer Portal: Your one-stop shop to understand your service status and review any support tickets
  • Includes MACs: Minor Moves, Adds and Changes are included
  • Proactive Monitoring: Management of issues before they become a major problem
Our aim is to deliver a much richer experience than just responding to an alarm. Our services are built to deliver an enterprise-grade managed service for multi-site, large enterprise.  Our services offer:
  • Managed Services can offer proactive and automated support
  • Artificial Intelligence is used to help spot issues before they become a major problem
  • ITIL compliant ticketing and support system
  • In house pro-active issue escalation

Ready to find out More?

If you’d like to find out more, we have a great blog, where you can read in more detail on the offering. If you’re ready to book a session with us to work with you and identify your needs.

Below are a couple 

We have an online booking form, where you can drop us a line:

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