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Full Stack Observability: ThousandEyes

What is your Full Stack Observability Strategy?

More and more businesses are devising their Full Stack Observability strategy as the boundaries of a company’s network continues to expand.

With the introduction of O365, Cloud Service providers and SaaS/PaaS becoming increasingly common, ensuring you have the correct insights and visibility into the internal and external parts of your network have become more important than ever 

Where is your Network issue?

Traditionally issues first become apparent when users begin to complain. In the early stages of troubleshooting there are many things that could be causing the issue for that user from Software, PC, Wi-Fi/LAN connection. If only one user highlights an issue this is the first place we normalyl start to troubleshoot.

Next hop along the path is the Access Network your end users are connected to. Are there issues with the LAN connectivity at your site or the underlying support infrastructure that provides services to that site

As we begin to go external our ability to monitor and triage issues becomes increasingly difficult. As the network transcends to your ISP all control is lost as well as visibility

As companies continue to adopt cloud first for many of their applications, the reliance on these platforms becomes increasingly important. Knowing if a SaaS application or a Cloud provider is undertaking maintenance or is suffering from downtime can be vitally importan to the internal Network support teams

What is ThousandEyes?

ThousandEyes is an insight, monitoring and synthetic traffic application designed to provide customers next -level insights all across their network. Obtain visionary data on each hop and path your network traffic takes and take back control and visibilty of your extended network

ThousandEyes Managed Service

Providing you the power of ThousandEyes as a Managed Service with flexible month to month licensing.  

License Management

We can purchase licenses on behalf of you. Additionally there is no minimun purchase requirement and flexible monthly licensing with no accnual commitment

Service Delivery Team

Dedicated Technical and delivery Manger to support you. Weekly reporting and Quarterly Business reviews included

Test Creation & Baseline Management

Work with you to define the best test fit for your business. Test creation allows for baseline setting which will provide you critical insights into what is ‘Normal’.

Alerting & Notifications

Once baselines are set, we work with you to define your notification po0licies. Who, how and when does someone get notified of an issue.

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