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Education has high demands on any network. Students want to have ubiquitous campus wide Wi-Fi, operating at high speeds and access must be simple and secure. Students often carry a high density of devices, so alongside the requirements from the wired network, there are high usability requirements from the Wi-Fi network and the identity services.

Education Network Requirements

For schools, ease of use is a major concern. Typically there is not a team of ICT staff onsite and the school has to support an increasing workload of ICT requirements. Simplicity in delivery, support and security are of major importance.

Universities and campuses often want internal and external Wi-Fi coverage: students want the freedom to study in outside settings and study pods are increasingly common in the University Campus setting.

SD Access

The ability to provision new and secure network services quickly is important to education. There are a wide array of devices which need to connect and the ability to offer  differentiated services to different devices and users is important: SD Access is the answer.

The ability to use a graphical front end to commission complex network configuration ensures that the University or school can remain responsive to the requirements of the students and teachers.

For schools cloud based networking, such as Cisco Meraki may offer a simple and effective way to deploy and manage the network, without needing a lot of training. With a web based management dashboard the system is easily managed from anywhere.

There are options for small and large education facilities alike. 

University Students want Campus wide network access
Education networks need to offer flexibility

University Dorms

Students living in University dorm rooms want to be able to connect their own equipment – so the ability to host a small virtual network is a welcome capability.

Students want to be able to connect their media streaming devices, gaming consoles, printers, laptops, tablets and so on. These devices typically need to connect to each other – but should not be connected to any other devices belonging to other students.

The simple ability to allow students to operate their own small networks ensures that students are happy and able to access their content on devices when and where they like.

Communication is an assumed offering in University Dorms.

BYOD / Guest Access

Bring Your own Device (BYOD) and Guest access are very common services for students. 

The key aspect is identity services and a wireless LAN that can support the throughput requirements.

Teaching often involves students bringing in their own devices, so reliable and simple ways to connect these devices to the network can be a major help for teachers and students alike.


BYOD / Guest Access allows students to connect their own devices

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