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Free eBooks and Whitepapers – download today, to learn more about Wi-Fi.

Learn from our insiders guide to the Top 8 Secrets to great Wi-Fi and the independent, unbiased view of Wi-Fi 67 adoption in the Farpoint Wi-Fi 6 whitepaper.

Top 8 Secrets to Great Wi-Fi

We all love Wi-Fi these days – whether at work, travelling or just at home with Netflix.

Wi-Fi has become both ubiquitous and something we truly rely on for our day-to-day work; it’s become business critical for many companies.

At IPTel we have all the knowledge and experience to deliver to your business the promise of great Wi-Fi that Works!

This ebook will run you through 8 key issues that we’ve seen and hopefully provide some insight into Wi-Fi design: Our aim is to help you understand what makes good Wi-Fi.

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Farpoint Wi-Fi 6 Whitepaper

Farpoint Group Wi-Fi 6 Whitepaper

Clear and unbiased review of the latest in Wireless LAN technology, Wi-Fi 6.

Farpoint Group have undertaken a thorough review of all aspects of Wi-Fi 6, and you can read about these in our free Wi-Fi 6 Whitepaper.

If you’re interested to hear about what Wi-Fi 6 is, how it compares to 5G and what roadblocks you might have in your road to adoption, this Whitepaper will be of great interest.

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